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Betting is always in the blood and veins of Thai people. For god sake, they have been betting on peanuts since the beginning of time playing the game called “peanuts in a knuckle.” That is definitely one of the reasons why online betting is so prevalent in Thailand today. For that, Thai people are constantly looking for better gambling platforms on a regular basis. But, it ends today as FIFA55 has all the qualities Thai people are looking for in an online trading platform. Comparing fifa55 to any international gaming websites, Thai people would choose to play on the latter platform even though the international ones are way more appealing. That is because FIFA55 is specifically tailored to Thai people’s behaviors, lifestyles, and most important of all, taste.Thai people are not accustomed to the system that requires a lot of calculation especially in a mix-parlay betting. In almost all of the global sites, mix parlay entails a complicated math, which to be honest, even I who has a background in mathematics education sometimes have problems calculating how much I should bet on each match to gain maximum results while minimizing the risks. For example, they have this system called “super yankee” in which players have to bet on every scenario of every game matching to exponentially earn more in case they win. However, for Thai people whose familiarity leans towards a more straightforward approach like a normal mix parlay betting, this earn-a-lot-more system is just counter productive. That’s why what FIFA55 offers is inarguably a simpler and better way to bet.To get a better understanding of why FIFA55 is superior to so-called “Global betting sites”, a better understanding of Thai people’s lifestyles is a necessity. Thailand is a poor country. It is considered a third world country by western standards. Thai people don’t appreciate big bonuses that require a huge deposit because they don’t have a lot of money to deposit in the first place. Since FIFA55 is a Thai-based platform, they understand that very well and lower the minimum deposit amount to only fifty bahts (.70) and the minimum betting amount even further to just ten bahts (30 cents.) For that low point of entrance alone, the Thais don’t even have to think which is better, they just make a deposit.

There is an old saying in Thailand that goes “Thai people just do whatever they want.” At first glance, people would just think of Thai people as a mess. But, if we really really look into this, it essentially means Thai people have a specific sense of what they like. They hate being told what to do to the point that no matter how good the product is, they will just turn it down if it has too many limitations. Most other websites will lure their customers in with big bonuses and tell them that after receiving the bonus, a specific amount of turnover is to be met before they can make a withdrawal. FIFA55, on the other hand, has nothing like that. Players can take the money out whenever they want so long as they already bet the amount they put into their account with or without bonuses. That lack of limitation is just what doctors would prescribe for any gaming websites who want to share a piece of the market in Thailand.Last but not least, the taste. Many foreign companies have failed to grasp what Thai people like. Admittedly, some of those companies have much more beautiful designs and better products, but it doesn’t fit the Thais. FIFA55 knows better and makes it their mission to create Thai favourite gaming site. Heck, it even has the aforementioned “peanut in a knuckles” online. Even Baccarat, which is a world-wide casino game, is specifically transformed into a Thai version called “Pok Deng.” Vice versa, other games like sic-bo or roulette have their Thai counterparts on the site. With these made-to-fit games and other criterias, those that fall behind these small but important advantages do not stand a chance against FIFA55 in the Thai market.In conclusion, FIFA55 is not a better site on a global scale just yet, but it is and will continue to optimize itself for Thai people’s way of gaming online. At one point in time, the platform dominated the market so much that half of the gambler population in Thailand has an account with the website, which is a great achievement considering there had never been any made-in-Thailand websites which did this. This would never be the case if the goals did not include a Thai localization in mind and neglect the fact that Thailand is one of the most unique in the world. That is what makes it what it is today. The greatest website for Thai gaming community.

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