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About Us: AutoVivo LLC Dubai UAE

Autovivo LLC is Situated in Al Wasl Compound, Store No. 68Industrial Area 3, AL Quoz DUBAI – U.A.E, the biggest & best provider of new and utilized all genuine  Ferrari, parts & cars, and all other luxury cars and parts available in our store. Visit us or check our website for more.

Ferrari Original Accessories & Parts Store in Dubai UAE:

The wide selection of arrangements accessible in the Ferrari Genuine adornments list helps upgrade the uniqueness and restrictiveness of each Ferrari, improving its styling, convenience and specialized highlights. The particular extras and customizations accessible for each model guarantee that any client can discover the design that best suits their taste and needs.

All Ferrari Genuine spare parts fulfill the greatest guidelines with regards to the soul that has consistently recognized the Ferrari Unique

Our point is to help you keep your vehicle in the condition you need it to be, regardless of whether you are finishing a full rebuilding to go into an exemplary where certified and unique parts are absolutely critical or on the off chance that you are simply starting to understand your fantasy and are working on a tight spending plan then we are here to fulfill all closures of the range.

Autovivo LLC Dubai UAE is amazingly glad for its legacy and our business keeps on going from one solidarity to another. Innovation has a major impact in our prosperity and by giving the most noteworthy conceivable quality items and administrations; we stay the main decision for Ferrari parts.

Our staff are motoring and motorsport fanatics however much you are so we urge you to reach out to us; regardless of whether it be through our site, Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram, we love to see and hear what you’re up to with the vehicles that we are so energetic about.


Whenever you bring your car to the workshop, whatever the planned intervention, our operators will take care to carry out and report the following checks – you will find everything marked on the commercial document that we will issue you at the end of the operation:

Battery (visual inspection)

A simple look at the state of the battery reveals a lot about the health of this particular element

Air conditioning

A simple test in the system’s operating ability

Headlights and signal lights

Better to be sure you are seen and can see clearly in low light

Brakes (visual inspection)

Even outside of the normal service, a look at the condition of the brake pads/discs informs you how much life is left for these essential safety elements.

Windscreen washer system

Nothing more annoying than not being able to clean the front or rear windshield when you need it.


When was the last time you checked the oil or water reservoir levels for the wipers?

Did you know that a refill of antifreeze liquid in winter and anti-midges in summer allows for adequate cleaning of the crystals?


A visual inspection of the condition of the engine with the hood raised can reveal many small problems to the trained eye


Inner lights and lamps

Better to be warned by the appropriate warning lights in the case, for example, of a car in reserve or engine problems. We ensure the lights are working appropriately.

Windscreen wipers

The state of the wiper blades is often neglected, with the consequent difficulty in cleaning the windows

Tire wear / pressure

It only takes a moment to realize if the pressure and conditions of the tires are suitable: it is better never to lose the right contact with the asphalt.

Autovivo LLC Dubai UAE Ferrari Revision Center

Autovivo LLC Dubai UAE Ferrari also deals with motor vehicle inspections. The company provides a qualified staff and latest generation instruments, the best to perform a perfect diagnosis of each vehicle.

The overhaul is useful

The overhaul of the vehicle, in addition to being a legal obligation, is a useful procedure; it is used to check the health and safety conditions of the car. The periodic overhaul gives the customer the peace of mind of a safe and performing vehicle.

From the beginning the intent was to focus on the utmost professionalism and quality in every sector: the team, the products, and the assistance and, above all, in the relationship with the customer.

The team of technicians, from the beginning, is made up of professionals with great individual experience, but the strength certainly lies in the teamwork and in the transversal collaborations, already present and well established, even before the company was founded.

Today the company mainly deals with assistance, new and used sales, restoration, storage, consultancy, certifications, and spare parts service. Its excellence, however, lies in being able to work indiscriminately, thanks to the experience and highly qualified professionalism of its team, on new and vintage cars.

At Autovivo LLC any car, of any age or era, is a daily routine, a commitment to which the utmost attention is paid, taking care of the smallest details with extreme and proven professionalism.

Autovivo LLC Ferrari Technical Support Assistance:

The Autovivo LLC Dubai UAE offers technical support directly authorized by Ferrari and is capable of performing any type of repair or servicing. For newer cars, it carries out servicing, interventions under warranty, and ordinary maintenance. The equipment used by Autovivo LLC Dubai UAE  is constantly being updated with the latest electronic diagnostic equipment and the technical staff attends training courses organized by Ferrari for its authorized centers. The Autovivo LLC Dubai UAE also restores classic and vintage Ferrari models

The Autovivo LLC is capable of working on any type of engine or gearbox and performs any kind of revision or modification depending on each customer’s requirements. The repairs are performed on the mechanics of newly released cars and on vintage mechanics, rebuilding, where necessary, spare parts which are no longer available on the market.

Mechanical repair and replacement with Ferrari spare parts

If you have problems with your Ferrari, rely on the repair service of our mechanics and auto electricians, who will certainly be able to restore your car to perfect functioning. We carry out mechanical and electronic repairs by replacing damaged parts with absolutely original and certified spare parts.

We also carry out the overhaul service and car service.

Does your vehicle need a thorough mechanical intervention, a professional inspection or an MCTC inspection? Entrust it to our technicians.

Autovivo LLC Dubai UAE is a workshop with great experience in the field of mechanics and electronics. Our technicians are constantly updated on the most modern methods and technologies to provide you with a professional relationship of the highest level. Consult our website to get an idea of the various services we offer to our customers. Do not hesitate to contact us, you will find a team of professionals ready to solve any problem regarding your vehicle




A Ferrari is quite an investment that makes repairs and proper routine maintenance especially important. At Autovivo LLC, we have highly trained mechanics who know how to perform repairs on your Ferrari.

Autovivo LLC is one of the best auto repair shops in Dubai UAE for all Ferrari  vehicles. Our technicians have a wealth of experience and training to skillfully and efficiently work on your Ferrari, and we have the right equipment to troubleshoot, repair, and service these finely tuned and uniquely equipped automobiles. Whether you need a specific repair or routine maintenance, we are here to smooth your ride. From badge to tailpipe, we know Ferrari vehicles inside and out.

If your Ferrari needs a repair for any reason, we will assess the issue and let you know exactly what your need to return your vehicle to safe and reliable driving condition. Some auto workshops mechanics might fix your car problem, then again add on further work you don’t want, or maybe worse, charge you for repairs they didn’t do in the least.

At Autovivo LLC Dubai UAE, we don’t believe in add-on or phantom repairs. We do believe in treating our customers and their Ferrari all Model vehicles with the respect and courtesy they deserve.


Call Autovivo LLC Dubai UAE (04 328 7914, 055 122 2283 +39 059 7878337) or Email Us: when you need maintenance service or auto repairs of your Ferrari, We’re a trusted, local business in Dubai UAE that you can count on to take care of your car.


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