Does Adding A Metal Garage Increase Home Value?

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Did you know that having a garage on your property can increase the value up to 11 to 13% when projected to the right buyer? Not only that, but garage doors also tend to add value to your property when you put it up for sale. So, how can you take advantage of this? What are the features that you should add to your existing metal garage to make it attractive for potential buyers? Let’s go into depth for the discussion.

Attached Or Detached Metal Garage: Which One Should You Opt For?

The answer to this question lies in two parts:

  • Are you on a tight budget? If yes, then the attached garage will work for you.
  • Do you have sufficient space for a detached garage? If not, then attached is the only option.

There is no doubt that a detached garage has more value than an attached one. The reason is – a detached metal garage is a versatile structure.

Why Is A Detached Steel Garage A Value For Money?

  • It can be converted into a multi-functional unit.
  • It does not share a roofline or wall with the main home.
  • It is safe & secured. People can’t have access to your home via the garage.

In the event of a fire breakout, fire won’t transfer from your garage to your home. Additionally, you can remodel it for a number of applications. Have a look at some of them:


  • Workshop
  • Guest House
  • Man Cave
  • Art Studio
  • Home Gym
  • Craft Room
  • Home Office
  • Storage Unit


By the way, here, we will focus only on detached steel garages and see how they boost property ratings in the real estate market.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Metal Garage Investment

Now, just having a structure on your property won’t automatically lead to gain. A detached garage takes a fair amount of square footage from your lot. For a small property, it will look like a cramped space. In that case, an attached garage is a good option.

The next thing you need to know is if your HOA or local zoning laws allow you to have a metal garage on your lot. This will vary with county, city, and state. Some HOAs may advise you to choose a specific color or design to match the overall ambiance of the neighborhood.

Finally, having an untidy garage with a compromised roof and structural integrity won’t be appreciated by any buyer either. That’s why we recommend a steel garage. It demands less maintenance, is easy to assemble, and provides resistance to pests and external weather conditions.

Minimal, contemporary, and sleek design is what metal structures are famous for. There are many ways via which you can boost your property value when incorporating a garage. Have a look at some of them. You might already have a few on your list, while some may be added to maximize your profit.

Ways To Increase Your Property Value With Steel Garage

Parking Space

Almost 90% of Americans own at least one car. So, having a dedicated parking space with your home is always appreciated by a buyer.

Living Space

With a detached metal garage, you can always remodel it into a living space. Be it for yourself or as a guest house, a garage will serve the purpose.

Pay Attention To Doors

Do you know that having a secured and aesthetic entry door can actually increase your property value by up to 14%? This is true both for attached and detached garages. Some examples of doors are:

  • sliding doors,
  • metal doors with glass,
  • all-black classic door,
  • traditional barn double door, etc.

Insulate & Ventilate

One way to enhance the reusability of metal structures is to add insulators, vapor barriers, and vents. These add-ons will minimize heat transfer and keep moisture at bay. In addition, they will increase the durability and longevity of any metal structure.

Interior Finishing

You can finish the interior and exterior of your steel garage to boost its curb appeal. But how can you do that?

  • Interior: Add shutters, drywall, light paint, shelves, racks, a foldable desk for work, finished flooring, LED lighting, an overhead storage rack, electric and plumbing, etc.
  • Exterior: Reflective paint on the roof, skylights, and door. Paint the exterior with a color that matches the existing building, external lights, fence, landscaping, adding trim, etc.

Storage Solution

When not in use for parking, a garage can act as a storage unit where you can keep your belongings safely. You can even get a garage that’s a little larger in size and create a dedicated space for storing stuff.

Make It Energy-Efficient

Metal is durable and can bear a heavy load. Hence, they are the perfect companion for solar panels. Even if you don’t want solar panels, you can still add insulation and reflective paint on the roof to minimize as much as 25% heat transfer, and opt for an exterior paint that is a light color, which will reflect sunlight and keep the interior relatively cooler than the surrounding.

Add Smart Home Features

Nowadays, it has become a trend to add smart features such as no-key locks, automatic light sensors, smart security devices, and surveillance cameras to one’s property. You can add a few of these to your garage for convenience.

A Little Upkeep Goes A Long Way

No matter what garage style or material you choose, maintenance is essential to avoid expensive repairs. The same is true for metal garages, but they have an edge over other materials. You can clean them once or twice a year with water, mild detergent, a garden hose with a nozzle, a soft bristle brush, and a cloth. All these can be found in any household.

To Put It All Together,

A metal garage not only adds value to your property but also provides functionality. Any noisy activities or DIY projects will have minimum impact on your home. Further, you can expand it in the future if necessary.

Speaking of the resale value, it is totally up to the taste of a potential buyer and the space available on the lot. But a steel garage is always a smart investment for your home. They would retain their structural strength and resist fire, pests, and weather for the longest possible time with little to no maintenance.

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