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Typically, during the rainy season when the weather plays a spoilsport to your outdoor plans and most of your weekends are spent indoors, it’s a good idea to spruce up your home, turning it into a comfy place and enjoy spending some quality time indoors! With a comfortable environment, you can find all the comfortable stuff from Chairs Online to cushion sets and more. Comfortable Chairs Online is a must, as the Chairs Online product rate comes with a very reasonable price. Trust me, nothing feels better than to cosy up with a cuppa chai, some fragrant candles, a great book to read or Netflix binge-watching sessions as it pours down outside! Although our homes are sometimes not exactly the kind of cosy or comfy as we want it, what better season than the gloomy, moody monsoons to give it a quick makeover!

Here are some ideas to bring about that transformation to your living room-your savings will thank you! With these minor additions to your home, you may not want to leave your home ever again!

  1. Light up a few scented candles:

Scented candles create a warm ambience and are a complete mood setter! Also, they help in driving away from the damp and stale smell that often accompanies the monsoon season.

  1. Hang string lights:

Festivals are not the only reason to put up string lights. Hanging a string of tiny lights along the bars of the window curtains can give your place that shimmery feel!

  1. Switch to softer lighting:

Harsh white lights can sometimes just take away from the beautiful interior that you might have. Switching to warm toned soft yellow lighting adds up to the warmth of the room, thus creating a decent ambience.

  1. Include a throw:

Accessorizing your home with multipurpose stuff is great as it saves you a lot of money. The idea of laying a throw on your couch, sofa or a wing chair is the perfect way to make your living room cosy. What better than snuggling into a warm throw while watching your favourite TV Show?!

  1. Add some throw pillows:

Bring in some fresh, bright coloured or quirky printed sofa cushions or simply just change the covers of your existing cushions and they’ll surely uplift the entire mood and feel of the room! While it is dull and gloomy outside, make your home a boost of colours using cushions in colours like orange, yellow and pink.

These mini moves are worth trying out this season to give your home a gorgeous makeover because as William Shakespeare said: “People are usually happiest at home”.



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