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‘Clean Beauty’ is becoming a familiar word. However, most of the time, we misunderstand the term as natural or organic. Hence, the brand ‘organic skincare products in UAE’ may come forward as a clean beauty brand. It’s time to bust the myth.

What are Clean Beauty brands?

Various cosmetics and beauty products online are slowly moving to be clean beauty brands. Clean to us will mean a brand that follows the below ideologies-

  • No harmful chemicals such as phthalates, parabens, synthetic fragrance, BHT, etc.
  • Practices cruelty-free testing methods
  • Uses Vegan ingredients
  • Eco-friendly constitution of ingredients
  • Recyclable Packaging

Now that you thoroughly understand, non-toxic skincare that is safe for you and the environment is clean beauty, here are our recommendations.

The Organic Pharmacy

The UK-based brand sells the best cosmetics and beauty products online worldwide. They are a clean beauty brand following the notion of nature and nurture, which means they include the best of nature and technology to deliver premium-quality organic skincare products. The brand manages to tick all the right boxes, from testing each ingredient individually to using reef-friendly emollients and eco-friendly packaging.

Rahua, Rainforest Grown Beauty

Fablian Liguin, a renowned hair stylist from New York, visited the amazon rainforest and saw that people around the area had beautiful hair. In these times when we buy hair care products online from the best brands and are still disappointed with the results, these people with phenomenal hair seemed unreal. When interrogating, he found that they use products from the rainforest for hair care, leading to Rahua.

The brand aims to protect the rainforests and employ more than 500 families to provide clean and organic hair care products. They are invested in making the brand as clean possible through water conservation policies and safe packaging methods.

Pestle & Mortar

The natural ways of Indian skincare are intriguing. Sonia Deasy, the co-founder of Pestle & Mortar, decided to take these long-lost beauty recipes and gift the world with the best cleaning creams and skin care products. It is a cruelty-free brand that follows the motto of ‘less is more’. They use active ingredients but do not repeat them in all their non-toxic skincare products.

The clean beauty brand takes extra effort to source their ingredients from the ethical market and find packaging that does not create landfills.

Salt, by Hendrix

Salt is mini heaven for those looking for clean beauty brands. The brand’s key concern is to make the best body care products that are simple, safe, and effective. The plant-based ingredients are sustainability sourced and heavily focused to suit all skin types. They also have a vast collection of beauty tools that again are highly effective.

Salt, takes immense pride in its environmental-safe practice and will never trade it for any luscious offer. Their products and packaging are determined to create a safe environment for the future generation.


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