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ReactJS over the years remains the most popular JavaScript library for building high-performance web apps and high-end mobile apps. If you want to develop a web app with an instantly engaging User Interface, ReactJS comes as the ideal framework choice. 

ReactJS also fits in web app development projects of small businesses and startups that need to develop quicker while preventing bugs and errors. ReactJS development environment offers all the standard UI design elements for building well-articulated user interfaces. No wonder, ReactJS has been the popular choice for many web apps like Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, and many others. 

But here comes the question, how can you find the best ReactJS development company that can do justice to your ambitious app project without costing a fortune. Here through the blog post, we will explain the key considerations and measures to choose the right ReactJS development company for your app project. 


Go through the Portfolio and References

The first and foremost way to evaluate a developer is to pay attention to the experience and track record of the candidate. Consider whether the developer has at least two years of development experience in ReactJS app projects and whether he had prior experience with several different single-page app (SPA) projects. 

On second thought, also consider whether the developer portfolio shows his expertise in following the latest development trends and incorporating essential changes in the React interface from time to time. At the same time, evaluate his knowledge of all the current React libraries and React tools. 

Lastly, always take some credible references or make a thorough background check to get first-hand feedback on the developer’s work. Such references will give you an in-depth idea to get a deeper understanding of the developer’s abilities.

Look for the must-have Technical Skills. 

As soon as you have checked the portfolio and references, it is time to get a comprehensive idea about the technical abilities and expertise of the developer. Here we describe the must-have skills of the ReactJS developers. 

  • A solid understanding of the core JavaScript
  • Project experience in coding with any of the leading technologies like Angular, Vue, or Backbone JS. 
  • An in-depth understanding of several architectural patterns that perfectly fit React projects. 
  • A solid experience with significant web and dominant backend technologies like HTML5, CSS, Node, Webpack, Babel, Redux, and several others. 
  • Good knowledge of the Jest testing framework. 
  • A workable knowledge and experience of React Native development. 

Costing and Budget

The development cost and app budget are the two most important considerations that must be considered while hiring ReactJS developers. You can end up investing manifolds compared to your budget if you fail to research well and consider the budget from the preliminary stages. 

Outsourcing in some countries can help you strike the perfect balance and the industry’s best development expertise. For example, by simply hiring any of the top ReactJS development services from India, you can quickly get the most competitive rate while not compromising experience and expertise. 

Look for Flexibility

Flexibility is a top concern when getting onboard a ReactJS development company for your app project. You should check whether the company is ready for frequent iterations and in-project changes from time to time. 

It would help if you also inquired whether the company is flexible to address all your queries and offer development help and support at any time despite time-zone differences. Always look for development companies to ensure the availability of developers as per your requirement.

The Interview Questions for hiring ReactJS Developers

When you have shortlisted some developers for the project, it is time to screen the candidate through rigorous interviewing. What are the critical interview questions to help you evaluate the candidates best? Well, here we are going to provide you some of these questions. 

  • Explain the way you can create an event in a React project. Although it is a petty question, the fluency of the reply gives you an idea of the candidate’s confidence level. 
  • Why do you think that after React hooks were introduced, a lot has changed in React projects? This will give you an idea of how the developer is updated with the latest development. 
  • Tell us about the most critical issue you have ever solved in a React development project. 
  • Explain all the significant differences between the React components tagged as controlled and uncontrolled.  
  • What are the critical shortcomings of React, and how do you solve them in an app project? 
  • Explain the key aspects that make Real DOM differ from Virtual DOM.  
  • Explain the differences and typical use cases of pure components and general components in the React library.  

These questions are not the ultimate ones for evaluating the developer candidates’ skills, experience, and knowledge through an interview. You can dig deeper with questions referring to actual challenges developers experience in different React projects. Please make sure you come with follow-up questions based upon the replies and guide the candidate to clarify his point of view. 


There can be hardly any doubt that picking the expert ReactJS development company is challenging, involving several different aspects of evaluation. You can always find the best match for the app project if you stick to these simple and effective practices and measures that have already helped countless companies get the best developer talents from the market. To begin with, it is always advisable to have a detailed and in-depth understanding of the requirements of an app development project. 


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