Can Hydraulic Intensifiers Improve Your System Design?

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Hydraulic intensifier, also known as hydraulic boosters, are devices designed to deliver high pressure from a low-pressure hydraulic power source. These devices operate with a high level of efficiency and convert the fluid energy from the input pressure into higher output pressures without violating the laws of thermodynamics. Hydraulic intensifiers are equipped with a specialized hydraulic architecture, making them ideal for use in hydraulic power packs.

Despite their ability to generate high pressure outputs, hydraulic intensifiers are compact and easy to install. They come in different models, including in-line, CETOP, flange-on, and cartridge type intensifiers, with all the necessary high-pressure check valves integrated into their design. These models can handle flow rates ranging from 0.3 gpm to 21 gpm and can be used in systems generating end pressures between 1,000 and 7,300 psi, with some models capable of increasing end pressures to between 20,000 and 60,000 psi.

One of the key advantages of hydraulic intensifiers is their ability to simplify system design. They operate by taking low system inlet pressure and using a powered pump to activate the differential piston design, resulting in increased output pressure. Although this may seem complicated, hydraulic intensifiers are self-contained and can be easily installed on existing or new mobile excavators. Their compact circuit layout also allows for in-line usage, minimizing the need for specialized installation skills and using standard pipe clamps and fittings.

In addition to their ability to simplify system design, hydraulic intensifiers also offer flexible fluid force enhancement capabilities. For applications that cannot accept in-line models, other forms, such as CETOP compatible models and flange-on variants, are available. Intensifiers can be installed on excavators and mini diggers with limited ability for fluid actuation assemblies and complex valves, operating in parallel with a Hydraulic Power Unit or fluid power pack to ensure low-pressure input and high-pressure output only where needed.

Overall, hydraulic intensifiers provide a single force developing package that improves hydraulic system design and performance, with the added benefit of less stress on the system due to their ability to boost circuit pressure only where required.


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