Absolute Prohibition is Necessary

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The word ‘prohibition’ owes its genesis to the word ‘prohibit’ which means ban. It is commonly used to abstain people from doing certain things. Some examples are liquor ban, beef ban, etc. It is advocated as a way of moral and ethics. According to the Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Mumbai, consumption of alcohol makes people addicts and ruins our family. The Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Mumbai states that they fail to understand that out of thousands of people consuming alcohol, there are only a certain percentage of people who have an addiction to it. So, in order to ban alcohol for a few people, we are doing injustice to everyone. According to doctors, a small amount of alcohol is good for health. Furthermore, it is a necessity for people living in cold climatic conditions.

The Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Mumbai says that in India, Gujarat was the first state to ban liquor. However, has it eradicated the consumption of alcohol in Gujarat? No, on the contrary, people who are addicted to alcohol have found out more dangerous means to fulfill their desire. Alcohol ban leads to illicit trading of alcohol by small shopkeepers. There were other states that enforced liquor ban like Andhra Pradesh, which hindered the path of development of the state as the revenue fell significantly, leading to further problems like bootlegging and trafficking of illicit liquor. Thus, prohibition is an infringement of our freedom of choice that does more harm than good to our society.

As goes the famous saying, “forbidden fruit is the sweetest”; prohibition of anything does exactly that. In our journey of life, the stage where we are the masters of our own will is childhood. At this stage of our life, we function as our heart tells us. We all would have come across such instances where a child is refused or I would say prohibited to do a particular task but does the child obey? No, in fact he does the opposite. Anything that they are prohibited from, they make sure that they do that particular work. It increases curiosity when something is denied. As we grow up this curiosity eventually reduces but it still pertains somewhere deep inside us and prohibition triggers the curiosity again.

For example alcoholism can be treated through Naltrexone or Acamprosate medications etc. Treatment for impatient individuals is delivered to the victim to help him or her stay calm if he or she doesn’t consume the same drug as before. Where a treatment of a single person to him or her from this drug cage isn’t that simple step but has various stages which are cured in several months or weeks.

But the conclusion is that no disorder can be treated if the victim himself or herself doesn’t want to be cured. Substance abuse is a term which destroyed many families till now and in which not only these big names include but also caffeine and cannabis types of intoxicating substances too. But there is not even a single disorder which can’t be treated. Substance abuse can be treated through good behavior counselling or medication.






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