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The Drug Rehabilitation Center in Gurgaon explains the various problems which are caused because of drugs. There is news of increased drug abuse and raids in drug stores which is familiar to us through newspapers and online portals. Have you ever had a split second thought of using drugs? Anyone ever thought of the issues that can be caused due to the addiction to drugs? Which are the drugs that are most commonly misused?


What are drugs?


The Drug Rehabilitation Center in Gurgaon defines Drugs as the substances which are able to make physiological and psychological changes in the human body when it is consumed. This consumption can be done in various methods such as inhaling, injecting, using patches etc. The Drug Rehabilitation Center in Gurgaon also explains the meaning of a pharmaceutical drug that is also called medicine which is administered to the body at the time of discomfort or illness. These rugs also make a biological change in the body thus by fixing the illness or discomfort.


What is an addiction?


Addiction as a medical state can be stated as a psychiatric condition. It is the inability of a person to refrain from the use of something. In medical aspects that the user can’t refrain from can be drugs, alcohol or any activity.


Misuse vs. Addiction


Drug misuse and addiction can be said as two entirely different things. Misuse is the wrongful or excess use of a substance because of the lack of knowledge or experience.

Addiction can be clearly said as a biological condition where one is not able to refrain from the use of something. Someone who is an addict will continue using the thing even if he is aware of all the harms that the addiction can cause to him.


Drug Misuse and Addiction


Drug misuse happens or takes place when you take drugs in doses irrespective of the prescribed quantity or in the wrong way other than instructed. Taking drugs in a large quantity which is harmful to the body can be also considered as a case of drug abuse. Some of the commonly misused drugs are Alcohol, Tobacco, Prescribed medicines including pain killers, tablets, and sleeping pills, Glues, Aerosols, Gases and Solvents. In order to avoid the misuse, Government has categorized some drugs as prescription only medicines so that the medicine can only be bought with the prescription of a qualified doctor.


Risks of Drug addiction


Intake of drugs can cause many health problems as well as moral issues because it is not supervised by any medical professional. Drug business has become one of the biggest businesses in the world these days. As well as having immediate health risks, some drugs can also cause a condition of addiction which is not that easy to escape from. These drug addiction leads to long term health issues and damage to the body. Thus in the quest of finding pleasure we make our lives miserable. Cannabis, Amphetamines also called Speed, Ecstasy (MDMA), Cocaine and Crack, LSD, Heroin are the most common drugs which are extensively used these days. Using these kinds of Z category drugs can cause extreme paranoia, Impotence in men, Insomnia, Depression, Extreme malnutrition, Weight loss and atlast death.






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