6 Proven Steps To Boost Up Your Reach On Twitter!

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The era of social media is beneficial for every business if you utilize it properly. Around 320 million active users make it the best platform for business owners and marketers. Now, you need user engagement for showcasing your product and services. Enhance your audience’s reach on Twitter. Get in touch with the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi to boost your social media reach.

Enhance your reach by:

1) Tweeting daily

It is of no worth to post content on Twitter when your audience is busy. Through a trial and error process, you can post for determining the correct time. Tweet at different times of the day and evaluate which time is best for getting high engagement.

Various tools can help you in scheduling the tweets in advance. When you come to know the best time for tweeting, do it daily at that time.

2) Be a social geek

Twitter is a social networking site. A strong presence of your brand can be accomplished if you engage with your fans and followers. Every famous company doesn’t always think about leads only. Communicating with followers is very vital.

This target works well in elevating your reach on Twitter. According to marketer experts, 80/20 is the best ratio. Use 80% of the tweets not for sales but informative things, QandA, videos. Aim 20% of your tweets at selling the product and services.

3) Running Twitter advertisements

Running twitter ads increases organic reach. It helps in boosting many followers. You can select a post with the highest engagement rate and share it on Twitter with an ad. The engagement rate will grow for sure. You can use a top-performing tweet as an advertisement for elevating your reach on Twitter.

4) Utilize money and time in Videos

The tweets that consist of videos usually rank higher than that of only texts or gifs in the timeline. Creating a Twitter video can consume time but is beneficial in attracting an audience for your brand. The audience always likes and appreciates fresh and creative videos.

5) Use correct Hashtags

Hashtags play a significant role in elevating your organic reach on Twitter. Remember to use the correct hashtags. If you use branded hashtags, it will help you in creating brand awareness. Select from the latest and trending hashtags and adjust the timeframe to see the change in Twitter strategy to increase reach.

6) User-generated content

User-generated content always works best. Always you do not need to create new content but retweeting the past posts of others. Its advantages are:

  • creates brand awareness
  • elevates organic reach
  • initiates new leads
  • exhibits your brand


So boosting reach on Twitter is based on a few vital algorithms and methods. Twitter is a base for communication with your audience. Through Twitter, it is easy to promote and showcase your brand, its product, and its services. Engagement and reach are vital for that. Increase your reach and make your brand successful. A good Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi like TYC Communication can enhance your brands’ reach.

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