5 Ways to Prevent a Heart Attack

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Heart attack is a silent killer! People with high cholesterol, blood pressure, smoking habit, and other medical issues are prone to cardiovascular issues. Men are more susceptible to heart attack than women are. Advanced heart attack treatments are available nowadays. Therefore, you need not be concerned too much. We can observe healthy habits and institute preventive measures to reduce the possibility of a heart attack.

Acting on time is paramount to prevent heart attack and for avoiding it from turning lethal in case of occurrence.


The Healthy Habits to Prevent the Risk of a Heart Attack

You can be active and lead a healthy life to avert the probability of a heart attack. Certain habits can be detrimental to the body and can increase the chances of a heart attack. You must control (in fact, stop) such destructive activities.

  • Smoking is a deadly habit. It can lead to heart and lung ailments, and other physical problems. Stop the habit right away, if you are a smoker. Passive smoke is also dangerous. Take note of that as well and make sure that you don’t remain in the constant company of smokers.
  • Junk food and aerated drinks. The diet should include healthy supplements, vegetables, fruits, and leafy veg. Your busy work schedule may force you to consume some readymade food items and fast food. The more you control those the better for the heart and body.
  • Check cholesterol and sugar levels. Keep it in the prescribed limit if found more. You may have to take medicines, as well as, follow a physically active life to maintain the levels.
  • Obesity is one of the main villains. Reduce weight through healthy methodologies.
  • Control alcohol consumption.


What are the Indications of an Imminent Heart Attack?

Identifying a heart attack may not be easy. Some might misconstrue it as acidity as both have similar symptoms. Still, if you are a heart patient or have a high cholesterol level with a probability of heart attack, you may act immediately on observing similar symptoms.

  1. Heaviness, piercing pain, fullness in the chest along with an exhausted feel may be indicative of a heart attack. The discomfort would be in the middle portion of the chest. It may remain for some minutes or may appear alternating.
  2. Associated with the above symptom, you may find shortness of breath. This symptom may appear independently, without any other indications, as well.
  3. Pain or discomfort in the arms, shoulder, back, neck, jaw, stomach, or in the entire upper portion of the body.
  4. Incessant sweating, vomiting, giddiness, and nausea also may be indicative of a heart attack.

The fact is that these symptoms are associated with other physical problems also. Therefore, you should not panic, presuming that this is a heart attack only. Initiating necessary measures are required when you encounter problems.

Actions to Initiate In Case of Heart Attack

You can start taking action if you suspect a heart attack. It will not be harmful to call for medical help even if it is not a heart attack.  

Medical support would be the first thing you would need. Call for medical help/ ambulance.

  • Take a single tablet of Aspirin if you have it in stock. Aspirin helps in lowering the possibility of blood clots.
  • Inform the other about your condition and try to remain calm, while the other members of the family take action.
  • If you are alone at home; keep the door open and wait for the medics. It is also advisable to call for help from neighbors. Call friends, colleagues or relatives, who are staying nearby.


Fake First Aid Measures that are Doing Rounds in Social Media

We have observed that there are some fake or baseless guidelines doing rounds on social media and online platforms. Never fall prey to that. Such methods do not have any medical grounds. Neither of those is proven scientifically.

  • Coughing or Cough CPR is such a baseless remedy. The message says people encountering heart attacks may cough heavily to avoid it. No, it may not have the intended result. Moreover, a heart attack may make the person unconscious. He or she may not be able to follow this. The right thing is to call for medical help and consume Aspirin while you wait for the medical team to arrive.
  • Drinking too much water is another such clueless medical aid. Medical experts do not support this as well. Some of the messages state that using water mixed with pepper would be effective in preventing a heart attack since it stimulates the heart and increases blood circulation. No, it does not happen.


The Tail End

A healthy body is everyone’s dream. You can have a healthy body by maintaining healthy habits, a controlled diet, and remaining active. Find time to do exercises. Reduce office hours if it affects your other physical activities. One can make money if he or she is physically well. Health is wealth. There is no second opinion about it.

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